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The king and i - 1956

A widow accepts a job as a live-in governess to the King of Siam's children.

Academy Award for Best Actor
National Board of Review Award for Best Actor
Nominated – Golden Globe Award for Best Actor - Motion Picture Musical or Comedy
Nominated – New York Film Critics Circle Award for Best Actor


the Ten Commandments -1956


A rich Egyptian prince Moses, learns that he is a Hebrew. He then turns his back on his royal heritage to lead his people out of bondage.

National Board of Review Award for Best Actor



Anastasia - 1956

National Board of Review Award for Best Actor


WESTworld - 1973

Westworld is a 1973 American science fiction Western thriller film written and directed by novelist Michael Crichton about amusement park androids that malfunction and begin killing visitors. It stars Yul Brynner as an android in a futuristic Western-themed amusement park, and Richard Benjamin and James Brolin as guests of the park.


The Magnificent Seven - 1960

An oppressed Mexican peasant village hires seven gunfighters to help defend their homes.




Futureworld is a 1976 American science fiction thriller film directed by Richard T. Heffron and written by Mayo Simon and George Schenck.


TARAs bulba - 1962


The tale of a Cossack chief who has sworn to be the eternal enemy of the treacherous Poles. So, when his son falls for a beautiful Pole who has saved his life, the father is faced with the dilemma of whether to kill his own flesh and blood as a traitor. This film reinforced the Brynner stereotype as king of the Asiatic wide open spaces.


Solomon and Sheba - 1959


Solomon and Sheba is a 1959 American epic historical romance film directed by King Vidor, shot in Technirama, and distributed by United Artists.


The Ultimate Warrior - 1975


The Ultimate Warrior is a 1975 science fiction action-adventure film directed by Robert Clouse.


Return of the Seven - 1966


Return of the Seven is the first sequel to the western, The Magnificent Seven. Yul Brynner is the sole returning cast member from the first film, portraying Chris Adams. Robert Fuller assumes the role of Vin from Steve McQueen.


The Buccaneer - 1958


The Buccaneer is a 1958 pirate film made by Paramount Pictures starring Yul Brynner as Jean Lafitte, Charles Boyer and Claire Bloom.


Kings of the Sun - 1963


When Hunac Ceel (Leo Gordon) leads his army of warriors against the Mayan tribes of the Yucatan Peninsula, he kills their king, and the king's son, Balam (George Chakiris), flees. He takes his people in ships across the gulf, hoping to settle peaceably in a new world. But a native tribe, led by Black Eagle (Yul Brynner), is hostile, and takes Balam prisoner. Gradually, Balam and Black Eagle forge an understanding, and when Hunac Ceel show up, bent on destroying the Mayans, the two join forces.


Adiós, Sabata - 1969


Adiós, Sabata is a 1970 Italian Spaghetti Western film directed by Gianfranco Parolini. It is the second film in The Sabata Trilogy by Parolini. Yul Brynner takes over the lead role from Lee Van Cleef, who stars in the first and third films.




Morituri - 1965


Morituri is a 1965 film about the Allied sabotage during World War II of a German merchant ship carrying rubber, a critical product during the war. The film stars Marlon Brando, Yul Brynner, Trevor Howard, Janet Margolin, and Wally Cox.


The Brothers Karamazov - 1958


Based on Fyodor Dostoevsky's novel, Fyodor Karamazov (Lee J. Cobb) is a wealthy and controlling father who must choose an heir among his four sons. Dmitri (Yul Brynner), the oldest son, is engaged to Katya (Claire Bloom) but starts seeing his father's mistress, Grushenka (Maria Schell). The other brothers, Ivan (Richard Basehart), Alexey (William Shatner) and half-brother Smerdyakov (Albert Salmi), all have designs on the inheritance, ultimately leading to betrayal and murder.


Cast a Giant Shadow - 1966


Cast a Giant Shadow is a 1966 big-budget action film based on the life of Colonel Mickey Marcus, and stars Kirk Douglas, Senta Berger, Yul Brynner, John Wayne, Frank Sinatra and Angie Dickinson. Melville Shavelson adapted, produced and directed.


The Journey - 1959


During the Hungarian Revolution of 1956, a group of international travelers tries to get out of Budapest, but are thwarted at every turn by the Soviets. With the airport closed, they decide to flee by bus, but are stopped at the Austrian border by Major Surov (Yul Brynner). He delays them indefinitely, very much interested in British Baroness Diana Ashmore (Deborah Kerr), and little knowing that her lover is a Hungarian freedom fighter (Jason Robards Jr.).


Escape from Zahrain - 1962


When the leader of an Arab country orders the assassination of captured guerrilla fighter Sharif (Yul Brynner), the attempt is thwarted by a group of college students. Led by the passionate Ahmed (Sal Mineo), the young rebels attempt to get Sharif to a safe location abroad, along with other liberated prisoners, including American swindler Huston (Jack Warden). Eventually, Sharif, Ahmed and Huston elude the authorities by stealing an ambulance, but can they make it out of the country?


Battle of Neretva - 1969


During World War II, Yugoslavians fight for their freedom against local Chetniks as well as Italian and German troops.


Night Flight from Moscow - 1973


High-ranking KGB agent Alexei Vlassov (Yul Brynner) unexpectedly defects after a lifetime of service to his Soviet masters. He carries documents that purport to list all the double agents working for western intelligence services while secretly passing covert information to the Russians. CIA chief Allan Davies (Henry Fonda) harshly interrogates the suspicious turncoat, while British agent Philip Boyle (Dirk Bogarde) works in the field attempting to verify Vlassov's claims.


Invitation to a Gunfighter - 1964


Invitation to a Gunfighter is a 1964 Western directed by Richard Wilson, starring Yul Brynner and George Segal. It was based on a 1957 teleplay by Larry Klien that appeared on Playhouse 90.


The Poppy Is Also a Flower - 1966


Drug agents trace opium from Iran to the South of France after another agent is killed for trying to buy the drug.


The Light at the Edge of the World - 1971


A lighthouse keeper (Kirk Douglas) fights a pirate (Yul Brynner) and shipwreckers on an island off Cape Horn in 1865.


The Magic Christian - 1969


Billionaire Sir Guy Grand (Peter Sellers) thinks nothing of throwing his endless stream of money away. He adopts a street person (Ringo Starr), christens him Youngman Grand and sets about trying to illustrate to his new heir how virtually everyone in the world can be bought. He pays a traffic cop to eat a ticket, pays the Oxford crew team to sabotage a race and finally fills a vat with feces and money, inviting one and all to keep the latter if they don't mind putting up with the former.


Catlow - 1971


Catlow is a 1971 western film, based on a 1963 novel of the same name by Louis L'Amour. It stars Yul Brynner as a renegade outlaw determined to pull off a Confederate gold heist. It co-stars Richard Crenna and Leonard Nimoy.


The Double Man - 1967


A CIA agent (Yul Brynner) is lured to the Alps and replaced in Washington by a look-alike Soviet spy.


Surprise Package - 1960


After being deported from the United States for his crimes, gangster Nico March (Yul Brynner) winds up on a Greek island. When Nico encounters a broke and exiled king (Noel Coward), the former leader offers to sell his jewel-encrusted crown, so Nico sends word to his former henchmen to ship the money they have been keeping for him. However, when Nico arrives to pick up the package, he finds that his partners have kept the money and instead sent his girlfriend, Gabby (Mitzi Gaynor).


Triple cross - 1966


Safecracker Eddie Chapman (Christopher Plummer) is languishing in prison on the island of Jersey when the Nazis arrive. An adept manipulator of situations, Chapman convinces the Germans to use him to spy on the British. And when the would-be traitor arrives home, he convinces the English to use him as a double agent -- in exchange for a full pardon. So begins the hair-raising true story of a professional thief turned self-sacrificing World War II patriot.


villa rides - 1968


Villa Rides is a 1968 American western war film starring Yul Brynner in toupee in the title role and Robert Mitchum as an American adventurer and pilot of fortune.


goodbye again - 1961


Middle-aged businesswoman Paula Tessier (Ingrid Bergman) resists the advances of Philip Van der Besh (Anthony Perkins), the 24-year-old son of one of her clients (Jessie Royce Landis). But when her longtime paramour, Roger Demarest (Yves Montand), begins yet another casual affair with a younger woman, Paula decides that two can play that game. However, it seems that society looks differently at May-December romances when the woman is the older partner.


flight from ashiya - 1964


Stationed in Ashiya, Japan, U.S. Air Force Rescue Service members Master Sgt. Mike Takashima (Yul Brynner), Lt. Col. Glenn Stevenson (Richard Widmark) and Lt. John Gregg (George Chakiris) all carry personal demons stemming from a past event. When the orders come down to rescue stranded Japanese survivors of a shipwreck caused by a storm, the three men jump into action. On their way through the still violent storm, each shares the tale from his past that has affected him to this day.


port of New York - 1949


Customs agents (Scott Brady, Richard Rober) pound the pavement for clues to nab the head (Yul Brynner) of a yacht-club narcotics ring.


the long duel - 1967


A British police officer (Trevor Howard) tries to bring a rebel leader (Yul Brynner) back alive in 1920s India.


once more, with feeling! - 1960


When harpist Dolly Fabian (Kay Kendall) finds her husband, the conductor Victor Fabian (Yul Brynner), acting inappropriately with a young musician, she leaves him. Afterward, Victor, his career suffering, attempts to win Dolly back. Instead, she asks Victor for a divorce, as she plans to marry Dr. Richard Hilliard (Geoffrey Toone). However, Victor discovers that since they were never legally married, they will first have to marry in order to divorce, and he plans to use that to his advantage.


The sound and the fury - 1959


The Sound and the Fury is a 1959 American film directed by Martin Ritt. It is an adaptation of the novel with the same name by William Faulkner, first published in 1929.


death rage - 1976


Vengeance for his son's death spurs a legendary hit man to accept the contract on a deported Mafia chieftain.


the file of the golden goose - 1969


The File of the Golden Goose is a 1969 British thriller film directed by Sam Wanamaker and starring Yul Brynner, Charles Gray and Edward Woodward.


fuzz - 1972


Boston detectives Steve Carella (Burt Reynolds) and Meyer Meyer (Jack Weston) are on the case of an enigmatic crime lord known only as Deaf Man (Yul Brynner), notorious for bombing local politicians. Along with colleagues Bert Kling (Tom Skerritt) and Eileen McHenry (Raquel Welch), the team must prevent Deaf Man from future attacks while maintaining order on the streets of the city -- which turns out to be no small task, as a group of depraved teens begin lighting bums on fire for fun.


testament of orpheus - 1960


Realizing he is not long for this world, an aging 18th century poet (Jean Marais) travels through time in search of divine wisdom. In a mysterious, possibly post-apocalyptic wasteland, he has a series of enigmatic and surreal encounters with symbolic phantoms (Roger Blin, Brigitte Bardot, Marie Déa) with whom he muses about the nature of art and his own career. Ultimately, the poet strives to achieve his own rebirth as an immortal celestial being.


romance of a horsethief - 1971


Jewish peasants try to stop their horse-trading racket from falling into the hands of the Cossacks.


The Madwoman of Chaillot - 1969


An eccentric French countess (Katharine Hepburn) and her odd friends thwart a plot to drill for oil in Paris.


his majesty o'keefe - 1954


Stranded on the South Pacific island of Yap after his crew mutinies, American Capt. David O'Keefe (Burt Lancaster) discovers the island's coconuts are the source of a highly valued oil. O'Keefe tries to interest medicine man Fatumak (Abraham Sofaer) in a plot to convince the natives to harvest the fruit, to no avail. When German trader Tetens (Andre Morell) reveals that the islanders cherish a stone mined on a nearby island, O'Keefe attempts to arrange a trade: the sacred stone for coconuts.